Intro To Best Used Dental Implants

Here is a brief introduction to the most commonly used dental implants. Dentists at large will be using two main types of implants. The best dental implants in Stockbridge that dentists will probably be recommending or prescribing are influenced by the endosteal implant and the subperiosteal implant. But in cases where the patient’s jaw structure is deemed to be insufficient for the supporting of such implants, other practical and workable measures will be considered.

For the time being, note that endosteal implants are made from titanium. They are usually shaped like smallish screws. And these dental implants will be placed directly into the jawbone. The subperiosteal implant will be placed under the gum as well as on or above the jawbone. Use of this implant is considered when the patient does not have enough healthy and natural jawbone. And he or she is also not in a suitable physiological condition to receive bone augmentation in order to rebuild the jawbone.

Now, when the jawbone is unable to support the dental implants, a number of techniques will be brought to the patient’s attention. Bone augmentation was already mentioned. But there is also the sinus lift, as well as the ridge expansion. When bone augmentation is done, bone in the jaw needs to be regenerated. The sinus lift will be adding bone below the sinus in the event that natural bone as deteriorated.

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When deterioration has set in, it is usual to expect that upper back teeth may have been lost over a period of time. When the ridge expansion is done, it’s because the patient’s jaw is not wide enough to support the incoming dental implants. During this procedure, bone graft material could be added to a small ridge created alongside of the top of the jaw.